Welcome to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church – Tucson, Arizona

St. Paul’s Mission Statement expresses the way we identify ourselves through our calling to the life of discipleship.  We are a people who long to follow Jesus Christ in everything that we do. We want to invite others to join us in this lifetime quest… for the good of the world.

In our tradition we do not assume that all the questions have been answered. We do assume that God can create communities of forgiveness, love, mercy and compassion in which all questions can be freely asked and that in the asking, we will be led to new life in Christ.

We welcome you into this community of faith. If we can help you feel more comfortable in your life at St. Paul’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Spring Children Forward Sunday!! April 12 at 11:30am

    So what if we don’t observe Daylight Savings? We should still be excited about springing forward. Please mark your calendar now for our Spring Children Forward celebration!! Our Sunday After Easter Event, Spring Children Forward Sunday has something for everyone and will include: Community Focus – We will support the

  • Ash Wednesday Services

    Lent is traditionally a time when those new to the Christian faith enter a preparation for initiation into the church and Christian life in baptism.  For those already baptized, it is a time for journeying with Christ and reaffirmation of our baptismal covenant. Lent is not about making ourselves miserable,