Carrol McLaughlin

Minister of Worship and the Performing Arts 

Carrol McLaughlin

What do you do at St. Paul’s?
I am the Minister of Worship and the Performing Arts. I also direct the HarpChoir and teach the harpists. I also write and world premiere a new piece of music once each month.

How big is your family?
Husband Roger. Daughter Kelly and her husband Andrew Harris. Granddaughter Analise Mae Harris

What do you do for fun?
Working out at SWAT Boot Camp every morning; Biking; Hiking; Fishing; Yoga; Making beads and doing art; travel!

What’s your favorite kind of music?
Anything I don’t play

Who are your favorite authors/books?
Joe Vitale The Attractor Factor

What do you get at Starbucks?
Iced Venti Half Caffeine Skinny Vanilla Latte.