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Ash Wednesday Services


Lent is traditionally a time when those new to the Christian faith enter a preparation for initiation into the church and Christian life in baptism.  For those already baptized, it is a time for journeying with Christ and reaffirmation of our baptismal covenant.
Lent is not about making ourselves miserable, sad, or guilt-ridden in anticipation of Good Friday.  The Sundays of Lent are not a part of the forty days of Lent, and so remain “little Easters”, as are all Sundays.
Fasting and giving up something can be a part of Lenten disciplines, but so can taking on something.  The point is to pick some way to grow through a healthy, faith-stretching practice that fits you but in which is not a habit for you . . . yet.

We hope you will join us to start this preparation on Ash Wednesday at either noon or 6pm. Come unburden your hearts and receive the ashes that represent our repentance and commitment to a new path.

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