St. Paul’s “Boxing Day” 50,000 Meal Pack-A-Thon

Please join us January 8th, 2017 for this special event. Check out the great responses we’ve had in past years:


Thank you to all who came and supported this event!It was an incredible success and that’s thanks your prayers, generosity, and hard work.


We are front page news!


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From the Gospel Rescue Mission:

To save paper and a stamp, I want to email you this thank you note. Please pass along this note to the Pastors or church members as well. You all made me feel very welcome and I was surprised that I personally knew several of your members.

 I want to thank you all for the wonderful gift of 25,000 food packs!! We will be putting several packs in each food box. Needless to say these meals will provide additional nutrition to our hungry families who come to us daily for food assistance. You will be blessing literally thousands of people in the months ahead.

 I was totally blown away by the organization and efficiency of the activity. Seeing the 400 volunteers in action was quite impressive. You all truly put action to your faith to make a positive difference in our community. The looks on their faces and their cooperation reflected how much they enjoy doing this activity. It really pulls people together with a common goal for both a physical and spiritual benefit. As you all mentioned, more churches should take on this activity and I think St. Paul’s could be the catalyst to get this going.

 I want you all to know that we pray with the people who come to our Community Ministries Department for help (if they desire prayer – and most do). Last year just over 103 people accepted Christ through our Community Ministries department. We also help families with some case management to receive supplementary services from various social service organizations, in addition to services and programs offered at the Mission. So we do more to make a difference and impact than just handing out a food box.

 I very much appreciate your selecting our ministry to receive these food packs this year (and I trust in future years). I know Suzanne looks forward to having you and any of your church members come for a tour of the Mission. Feel free to contact her in January to arrange a time to come by and see what God does here every day to meet needs and change lives.   

 Again, thank you all at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and for your leadership on this activity Nancy. I enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to next year’s “Boxing Day.”

 God bless you,

 Pastor Roy E. Tullgren III
Executive Director

And finally, a few images from the day… (more to come soon!)