St. Paul’s United Methodist Church has had a long-standing relationship with John Dean’s Town in Liberia Africa. As our friends in this remote area struggle to recover from the devastation of a 17 year civil war we are working with them to develop a healthy , vibrant community that can provide hope for their children’s future.  The love and generosity of our community has partnered with our Liberian friends to construct a school, a medical center, and water well. These are the only services of these kinds for many miles.  Infant and child mortality rates have dropped dramatically due to the clean water provided by the well.

Continuing contributions help to pay the salaries of teachers and provide uniforms and school supplies for children who often walk 2 hours one way to attend school.  As we provide staffing for the medical clinic we also help provide medicine and health education.  Looking to the future calls us to put nursing students through school so that they can one day work in the medical center.