Throughout history, certain people have been recognized by their communities as those special persons who have shared with other their time, resources, talents and love.

By serving other, these special people also serve God; they are, in fact, living their lives as Christ would have us all live. St. Paul’s has a ministry that recognizes our members whose lives exemplify service to others.

At St. Paul’s, we call this ministry the Wisdom Person ministry. The term “Wisdom Person” comes from the Yourba Tribe of Nigeria and Benin, Africa. St. Paul’s wisdom people are presented with a staff that bears the Wisdom Person seal.

The staff has served as a symbol of recognition of service and leadership throughout the ages. The Bible mentions the “staff” 18 times. As Moses divided the Red Sea and as David passed through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, they carried their staff.

St. Paul’s members can nominate Wisdom Persons by completing the form below.

  • The nominee must be 60 years or older.
  • Please list the reasons why you believe your nominee should receive the St. Paul's Wisdom Person Award. List as many items as you can that exemmplify your nominee's service to others, to God and to the church.
  • Deadlines for Nomination:
    • 1st Quarter: March 1
    • 2nd Quarter: June 1
    • 3rd Quarter: September 1
    • 4th Quarter: December 1
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.