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New Worship Team: ASSEMBLE!


For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.


Summer movie releases are pretty predictable. What starts out as one hero trying to go it alone quickly explodes into a star-studded team that must work together to save the world. But even though I know it’s coming, I still get a thrill watching the team assemble. There’s something about a team: the charismatic if flawed team captain, the shy but brilliant introvert, the loner who joins up to make a difference…even the redeemed villain from the last movie comes to help out. Christians do love a redemption story.


And teams get things done.


I see this at St. Paul’s all the time. The Welcome Team, the Children’s Ministry Team, Grace Multiplied… the list could go on and on, but the theme would remain the same: when people work together, they can accomplish so much more than they could as individuals.


So here comes my super-sly pivot—are you ready? We want to assemble a team to make weekly worship dynamic, diverse, and spirit-filled in a way that is increasingly participatory and inclusive. This is no small task. It will require a lot of communication and a lot of creativity. And we might just need your help to do it.


If you have a gift for writing, painting, music, graphic design, construction, organization, or you just haven’t found a team at St. Paul’s yet and you want to get involved, we will be having an Advent Worship Brainstorm Party. We’ll talk about the worship design process, start brainstorming for Advent (and beyond), share a light dinner, and laugh together as we embark on this new journey. We’ll even have some hands-on activities to get the creative juices flowing. Eventually, our goal is to have a diverse Worship Design Team that will help plan and execute worship on a regular basis. But the first step in creating is dreaming, and that’s what our Brainstorm Party is all about.


By opening up the process of planning and carrying out elements of worship, we can invite new ideas, new perspectives, and fully utilize the gifts God has given this congregation.


Join us at 5:00 pm, Sunday, September 25th in Brummet Hall as we revamp, renew, and reboot the way we worship at St. Paul’s. RSVP forms will be available at the Welcome table.


This is an excerpt from the September Epistle. Read more HERE!





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