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Lent 2018
Lent is a special and sacred time in which we enter into a traditional season of preparation for Easter. For the next month and a half, we will be encouraging you to “take on” or “give up” something for Lent that hopefully will challenge you to become more like Jesus: give more $ to “alms” (an old word for offering for the poor), take up a new book or Bible study, prayer and devotion time, act of service to someone or something, or give up an unhealthy habit, or create your own discipline.

I (and a couple guest preachers) will be sharing with you what I believe are some of the most vitally important and practical lessons of the Christian Faith: “Things You Need To Know” about the Christian Faith! A great deal of this is the stuff found out the proverbial “hard way!”

Recently Concluded

“Prequel” In the time leading up to Lent, we had a worship series on the Old Testament, or as it is often called by preachers and Biblical academics, the “First Testament.” We will take a Journey through the First Testament, visit with Abraham and Sarah, follow Moses in the Exodus, and end up with Prophets and Kings.