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Current Sermon Series

Today (October 15), we start a three-week series on a very topical issue to many: the “End Times” or the “Last Days” as informed by the Book of Revelation – the last book in our Bible. There is probably no more difficult, confusing, misunderstood, debated, misquoted, misused, etc. book than this one. This is especially true when it is misappropriated and misapplied to contemporary events, as I believe it has been in the recent past, and has been again.

I want us to examine our world, ourselves, and the Bible. What is really going on with us, and what does Scripture really say about it all? What are we to believe? How are we to respond? These are questions I would like us to reflect upon in the next few weeks.

Recently Concluded

The sermon series which began in August 2017 was on our Desert Southwest Conference’s Visioning, Values, and Vitality.

Core Values

In our struggle to come up with the Core Values behind our vision statement, certain values kept rising up. These are Trust, Compassion, Relationship, Authenticity, Boldness, and Collaboration.

Vision Statement

At the recent Desert Southwest Conference, this Vision Statement was adopted:

God calls us to be
A Courageous Church:
Loving like Jesus,
Acting for justice,
United in hope.